Your Quick Guide to Hybrid Paper and Digital Services

Learn how to appeal to a wider voter audience and increase ballot return with a hybrid voting event:

  • Make your votes easy to access for all your voters

  • Maintain same level of voting security as a completely digital election

  • Boost turnout with mixed voting methods

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A Brief Overview


Voting made easy

Hybrid voting means more voters can submit their votes and participate in an easy, accessible way.


Maintain security

You don't have to compromise the security of your vote with hybrid election. Elections will remain closed to eligible voters, and the voting outcome will remain secure and accurate.


Improved participation

Hybrid services create a more inclusive voting event for certain voters, and gives them the opportunity to vote where before it may have been difficult.


Easy integration

Hybrid services can be easily added to your upcoming election - seamlessly integrating with your existing voting method.

Are Hybrid Services right for your organization? 

Use this guide to discover if Hybrid Services are right for your organization:
  • May be right for less tech-savvy voters

    Voting becomes easier, and participation increases.

  • A good choice for a geographically scattered voter base

    Accommodate voters in different regions by giving them voting options.

  • Can help create a more enjoyable voting experience

    Give all of your voters the opportunity to vote easily and securely. 

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