eBallot Essential

A secure online voting tool for building polls, ballots & surveys.

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Create your own online votes and elections.
  • Create online ballots
  • Send them to your voters
  • Get trustworthy results
  • Make important decisions

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It’s easy to build what you need.

Our voting software comes equipped with everything you need to build, run, and manage your votes on your own.
Easy to Use Interface
Easy to Use Interface

Manage your vote quickly and easily from one central dashboard.

Simple Voter List Upload
Simple Voter List Upload
Upload all eligible voters to your account quickly and easily.
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Need guidance? All the resources you need to get the job done are just a click away.

You can trust the results.

There’s no shortage of survey and poll makers out there — however, most are unable to prevent gaming of the system.
No Double Voting

Our technology ensures that no one is able to vote twice on one ballot, even from incognito browsers.

Voter Authentication

Your voters receive secure, individual logins that let you track their actions.

One-to-One Voting

Your vote is only open to the people you choose.


Auditability Options

View who has voted, what they voted on, and who has yet to vote.

Real-Time Insights

Keep an eye on the results as they come in.

Your voters get a simple, straightforward experience.

Encourage them to vote with tailored emails, and let them securely log in with one click.

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No Ads

We’ll never target you or your voters with ads that interrupt voting.

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No Selling of Data

Our customers are just that — customers. Not a product to be sold. The same can’t be said about many other online survey and polling tools.

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A seamless voting process

Voters receive helpful emails where they can securely log in with just one click. After that, submitting their votes is easy.

It's packed with powerful vote management features.

Voter Notifications

Spread the word via tailored messages, sent straight from the platform.

One-Click Links

Rather than using a login or password, let voters login with a secure, unique link. 

Branded Voter Portals

Upload your logo and retain organizational branding.

Anonymous surveys

Run anonymous polls and surveys, but still get trustworthy results.

Candidate Profiles

Showcase headshots, resumes, bios, and more.

Web App Access

Our platform is fully accessible from any browser - no app required.

A voting website. An online voting app. Secure polling software.

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