Does Your Company Need to Vote on an Employee of the Month?

Use an Online Voting Platform.

Why should you choose an employee of the month?

A company’s success depends on the collaboration and efforts of its diverse workforce.

There are many ways to reward employees. One of the most effective is public recognition of a job well done.

Employee appreciation awards are a way for management and peers to shine a light on top performers.


What's the best way to decide on your employee of the month?

Employee of the Month award elections are usually held in each department. The frequency of the awards, the merits acknowledged, and the process vary by company and industry. It also varies by department because “outstanding contribution” is defined by attitude, deliverables, professional growth, sales, or other service, depending on context.


What should the award be?

Commonly, Employee of the Month recognition includes a small gift, special privileges, or other thoughtful perks.

Awards should be given in the context of an everyday recognition process for best results.

What's most important is building an environment of appreciation that will keep employees focused and dedicated.

How to run an employee of the month election, with online voting software

If your company wants to highlight an employee of the month, you'll find online voting software to be incredibly helpful! Here's how to use your election software platform to its fullest potential:

  • Build a collaborative environment by creating an Employee of the Month election ballot that gives peers the ability to nominate and vote.

  • Create an anonymous ballot to ensure that no one sees the choices made by each voter. This reduces the perception that the award is a so-called “popularity vote.”

  • Set mandatory responses to segments of the ballot ensure that votes are cast for each department. This can be found in Settings.

  • If management prefers to have the final vote, avoid claims of favoritism by publicizing the criteria for selection. Criteria should be measurable and transparent.

  • Highlight the merits of all nominated employees by uploading a complete candidate profile: photo, resume, and recent, relevant accomplishments.

  • Implement social sharing tools with the ballot to garner interest in, and publicity of, the results.

  • Save this ballot as a template to edit and reuse in the future.

Best of luck!



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