Contract Ratification



Contract ratification is a necessary vote between a union’s bargaining committee and their affiliated organization.

Members of the union typically have the opportunity to accept or reject the terms of the agreement. Ratification is taken very seriously, as union members will protect and enforce the right guaranteed by the contract.


Ratify your contract with an online voting system

We know the importance of having your best interests represented. 

Traditional voting processes can get lengthy and time consuming, and not all results are guaranteed to be accurate. Our voting software is easy to get set up, making the voting process a breeze.

Not only that, we adhere to strict union guidelines and have worked with many unions to gather the information they need to successfully ratify their contracts.


We give you the peace of mind knowing that your voting process will always be fair

  • Add as many questions and choices to your ballot as you like, the more informative the better.
  • If you want to see which of your voters have participated, you can set your ballot to not anonymous.
  • View your Admin Activity Report and track voting results throughout the election to see progress in real-time.

Need help with your union’s election? Let eBallot help.

Choose your level of involvement:

Let experts manage your vote

We ensure best practices are followed and that all unnecessary risks are avoided.

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Self-administer your vote

We'll teach you how to build ballots, notify your voters, and manage the voting process yourself.

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Why are our vote management services valuable?

We save you time.

Building ballots and managing your voters can be a full time job in itself. Let us take care of it.

We adhere to best practices.

Our team of experts know how implement your vote correctly, the first time around.


We follow your requirements.

We’re an impartial third party provider who has no stake in the results of your vote.


Be as hands-off as you want.

Opt for comprehensive vote management or self-administered voting with selected a la carte services.

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