Does your organization need to collect feedback?

Use an online voting platform.



Why should you collect feedback?

Companies and organizations with a growth trajectory regularly gather insights, opinions, and ideas.

A wealth of specialized information is available -- if you know who and how to ask.


How should you gather feedback?


Hosting a vote is the most decisive way to collect answers and collate results. By including open ended questions helpful perspectives emerge.

Elections are superior to surveys because voters can be assured privacy.

If structured properly, a vote can also empower changes. Remember to keep an open mind with the data you collect and how it may influence policy, product, or programmatic changes.


What are some examples of useful feedback?


Use voting to gather feedback internally (performance evaluations or employee exit interviews) or externally (to gauge customer interest or marketplace perception).

Whether you position this information gathering as hosting a vote or providing feedback, the results can be invaluable.


How to gather feedback, with online voting software

If your organization needs insight into opinions, perceptions, or ideas -- you'll find online voting software to be incredibly helpful! Here's how to use your election software platform to its fullest potential:

  • Create one or more ballots to easily organize and categorize your questions.
    • For example, let us imagine you want to collect feedback on health benefits from your entire organization. You’d also like your Sales and Marketing department to participate in a User Feedback vote because they communicate the value of benefits to the company at large. Create one ballot for each vote (company-wide, and department specific).

  • Set permissions so that appropriate audiences have access to specific questions.
    • For example, imagine you would like to survey doctors and nurses in your hospital. You wish to gain specific insights into nursing. Set permissions so that anyone on the doctor email list can only access certain areas of the ballot.

  • Create an anonymous ballot to ensure that no one sees the choices made by each voter.

  • Encourage multiple perspectives by including open-ended questions and reducing the number of mandatory questions.

  • Vary question choice types (single choice, multiple choice, and suggestion) to encourage as many opinions as possible.
  • If you’d like to gather information on an ongoing basis set the ballot to Parked Voting. This allows voters to submit their votes more than once before the ballot closes.
    • However, only their last vote will count toward the end result.


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