Club Elections



University clubs foster friendship, leadership, and enriches the lives of university students for years to come.

Students usually join clubs based on their interests or identity, and some may join for social opportunities. Clubs give students leadership skills and governance practice. When it comes to club elections, the goal is for senior members to pass the torch to new candidates or incoming students.


Elect student organization leaders with an online voting platform

It’s not uncommon for club elections to take place quickly, and our online voting platform lets you make these decisions efficiently and with ease. With eBallot:

  • Our speedy tabulation process will give you the results you need right away – monitor votes in real-time or download a report as soon as your ballot closes.
  • You have the option to choose between anonymous and not anonymous voting styles.
  • To get more students to participate, use our built-in email campaigns to send out reminders before and during the voting event.
  • Save this year’s ballot as a template to edit and reuse next year.


Need help with your club's election? Let eBallot help.


Choose your level of involvement:

Let experts manage your vote

We ensure best practices are followed and that all unnecessary risks are avoided.

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We'll teach you how to build ballots, notify your voters, and manage the voting process yourself.

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Why are our vote management services valuable?

We save you time.

Building ballots and managing your voters can be a full time job in itself. Let us take care of it.

We adhere to best practices.

Our team of experts know how implement your vote correctly, the first time around.


We follow your requirements.

We’re an impartial third party provider who has no stake in the results of your vote.


Be as hands-off as you want.

Opt for comprehensive vote management or self-administered voting with selected a la carte services.

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