Your Quick Guide to Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Learn how to improve your voting events for the future by obtaining valuable insights:

  • Get a deeper analysis of your vote

  • Take a closer look at voter behavior

  •  Improve voting events in the future

  • Share valuable vote information with your organization

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A Brief Overview


Deeper Data

In addition to providing additional information not included in our standard reports, we can also offer custom reporting.


Improved Experiences

Get information that can help you make better decisions for future elections.


Voter Intelligence

Gain valuable insight into voter behavior that will help you better plan outreach and turnout strategies.


Prove Voter Integrity

You may be asked to prove the validity of your vote. Advanced reporting provides all the answers you need.

Are Advanced Reporting and Analytics right for your organization?

Use this guide to discover if Advanced Reports are right for your organization:

  • They might be right for you if you need custom reporting

    Many organization require varying levels of voter insight and results reporting.

  • A good choice for high-impact or secure votes

    Advanced reporting can prove the validity of your voting process and outcome.

  • If you want a more enjoyable voting experience

    Get all the information you need to improve the way you reach out to voters and run your vote.



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