SGA Election Sample Ballot

Do you have a student government election coming up fast? Use this sample ballot to:

  • Get a better sense of who is involved with your upcoming vote

  • Give to candidates so they can see what their bio and headshot will come out looking like

  • Share with fellow leaders (e.g. teachers) so they can see how effective an online voting solution can be

Use it to make your student government election a success!

Download Your Free SGA Sample Ballot!

eBallot for Schools


Voting at schools can involve many groups, including students, faculty, and alumni. These votes encompass a range of decisions such as student government association elections and club votes. During this process, both the student leadership and the staff are responsible for ensuring high standards so that their participation can continue.


eBallot is proud to have facilitated several voting events for schools around the world. Contact us to get started!

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