Is Your Organization Ready to Vote? 

When making an important decision that will have consequences for the future of your organization, you don't want to leave anything to chance.


There are several steps required to prepare for an online vote, including the implementation of the desired voting system.


This guide will help your organization run an effective and hassle-free voting event.

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Make sure you're prepped

You'll learn how to:

  • Evaluate which method of voting makes the most sense for your organization's specific needs

  • Implement and follow industry best practices to ensure that your results are fairly decided

  • Measure and analyze the results of a vote and put your findings into action

No matter whether this is the first time your organization has held a vote or if this is a regular event, this guide will give you a useful checklist of items to help your vote run smoothly.

voting together

Our Approach


eBallot facilitates a secure and auditable voting event. Our software is used by organizations each year to improve their voting process through:

  • Faster ballot delivery - Online voting solutions mean ballots are sent by email, with secure access

  • Easier ballot access - Members are reached regardless of their location and cast ballots at their convenience

  • No manual counting - We instantly tabulate the results and match voters to their respective group

  • Paper & Digital Integration – We make both ballot types match seamlessly


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